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How2Draw: drawing lessons on the iPhone

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How2Draw is a new series of educational apps available at the App Store, developed by brazilian ZeroUm Digital. Its first volume, Faces, brings 8 step-by-step lessons on drawing the human face, from a small child to an elderly man. iPhone users can also use the built-in camera to instantly compare their drawing with the lesson, and spot the differences right away.

The lessons were created by brazillian artist, Fabio Yabu. His most successful work is the animated TV show “Sea Princesses”, broadcast in Australia by ABC and 7 Network.

More volumes are on the way. How2Draw: Manga is due next month, along with new features: “Even though the next versions were almost done, we decided do delay them in order wait for feedback from our users. We are also planning a simpler version, for kids.” – says Yabu.

How2Draw: Faces
Available at the App Store

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