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iPhone News, Events and App Releases We’ve Missed

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This is what has been happened in the last few days while we were away (thanks to our server crash!). Apple has seeded iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2 to the testers which revealed some exciting features of the up coming firmware. Google has also released it’s Google Earch iPhone app.

Apple seeded the Beta testers with the second round of the iPhone Firmware 2.2 which proved the previous speculation of Google Street View application. You’ll now be able to view a photo of exactly what you’re looking at by moving your iPhone around in street view mode. Very interesting and handy feature of Google maps which has finally been integrated after Google G1 came out with it first.

Another interesting app Apple seems to have added in this firmware is the ability to download podcasts directly to your iPhone over the air, which TUAW suspects is the reason for rejecting the Podcaster app.

Also added to the firmware is the all new app review feature right on your iPhone. If you decide to delete an application then it will ask you to rate the application before removing the app from your iPhone. It is very much understandable that review will then be added to the app store for that application. You don’t have to leave a review if you don’t want to, you can simply pass on by clicking “No Thank” as the image show (image and news via iPhone Hallas). You can get the feeling that Apple is seeking more user participation in as many ways possible. At the beginning anyone could leave a feedback for an app which Apple has changed since. Now you’ve to buy an application to leave a feedback for that application. I thought that’s fair enough as you’ll know the best about an app or games once you’ve experience it first hand.

Now, as exciting as these news are, Apple still hasn’t revealed the date of the firmware release. Hopefully we’ll be able to test all these apps ourselves ASAP.

Another exiting news is the Google’s latest participation in the iPhone Application race with the release of its Google Earth app for iPhone & iPod Touch. Read the review of the Google Earth App here.

Credits: TUAW & iPhoneYap. More street view images can be seen here.

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