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Microsoft Makes iPhone Xbox Live Apps Free

Posted In iPhone Applications, iPhone News - By admin On Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 With 0 Comments

Microsoft is officially halting the sale of all XBox Live related applications via Apple’s App Store. Microsoft is saying all XBox live related applications should be free. So pretty soon (if not yet) all the XBox related apps from the app store will be download-able free of charge.

“As official XCDP developers, we’ve always been cooperative as they’ve (Microsoft) been consistently great to us. Per a conversation with them this morning, they will let us continue distributing our application for FREE”, said the developers of “1337pwn Friends List” on their blog.

Just in case you didn’t know, the “1337pwn Friends List” application allows users access to their Xbox Live Friends List via the iPhone. Sounds interesting? There you go, it’s all yours for free now. Just go to iTune’s Appstore and download it to your iPhone.

Anyway, I am quite interested to see Microsoft’s next move on this. Sounds like they’re looking into the appstore and we may eventually see something of their own. Just a thought anyway ;-). Just thinking about their past reputation, that’s all.

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